The New York City day care system is plagued with terrifying overcrowding and lack of oversight, putting the lives of children across the city in danger.


Parents across the city drop their little ones off at day care every day, expecting their children will return home safe and sound. Some of these caregivers break laws and ignore safety regulations, resulting in dangerous overcrowding, serious injuries, lost children and even death. Leah Millington, of Queens, is painfully aware of the consequences of skirting the rules. The morning ...

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Obama Speech Sure Sounds Like A Tacit Endorsement Of Clinton

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President Barack Obama on Wednesday gave a rousing speech on America’s political culture, decrying the influence of big money, encouraging compromise and warning people against believing in absolutes from either party. “Trying to find common ground [with Republicans] doesn’t make me less of a Democrat or less of a progressive,” Obama told an audience in Springfield, Illinois. “It means I’m ...

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ACLU Sues Obama For Targeting Muslims After He Decried Targeting Muslims


The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday sued the Obama administration, seeking information about government programs that unfairly target Muslims in the United States. The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeks details on federal programs against what the government calls “violent extremism,” which the ACLU says is a “poorly defined and malleable concept” that could unduly bring American Muslims under official ...

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Cleveland Tells Family Of Tamir Rice To Pay His Ambulance Bill


The family of Tamir Rice has been told to pay a past-due balance of $500 for life support and ambulance services the 12-year-old received after he was shot and killed by a police officer in 2014. His family said they were startled by the “insensitivity” of the claim, and a statementemailed to Mashable from the family’s attorney said it reflected ...

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Naked Texas teen shot and killed by Austin police was unarmed; family grieving the slain high school student: ‘Our child was stolen from us by the police’


David Joseph, a 17-year-old high school student shot and killed by a Texas police officer, was unarmed and naked when a cop gunned him down in an Austin suburb. The shooting death boggled his friends, family and local civil rights activists who learned David was both unarmed and nude when Officer Geoffrey Freeman encountered the former football player in a ...

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Supreme Court Blocks Obama’s Carbon Emissions Plan


WASHINGTON — The fate of the single biggest piece of President Barack Obama’s climate change legacy was thrown into question Tuesday evening when the Supreme Court blocked the president’s carbon emissions regulation for existing power plants from moving forward. In a 5-4 decision, the court granted the stay to 29 states and a slew of industry groups that are appealing ...

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A Democratic Socialist Just Won The New Hampshire Primary

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CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire’s Democratic primary voters confirmed Tuesday that they do, in fact, want a self-described democratic socialist as their party’s presidential nominee. Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, had consistently led former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in polls of the Granite State since last fall, with margins that frequently surpassed 20 percent. On Tuesday, he defeated ...

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Compassionate Conservatism Roars Back: John Kasich Surprises In New Hampshire

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MANCHESTER, N.H. — Compassionate conservatism is back. Running on a message of civility, empathy and moral purpose in a race dominated by fear and race-baiting, Ohio Gov. John Kasich surged to a second-place finish Tuesday night in New Hampshire, becoming the latest in a long line of long-shot presidential candidates to use the Granite State’s famously unpredictable and independent-minded electorate ...

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Donald Trump criticizes Ted Cruz, calls him a ‘pussy’ at New Hampshire rally


Pretty catty, Donald. Foul-mouthed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called his rival Sen. Ted Cruz a “pussy” Monday night — echoing a supporter who yelled the slur during a New Hampshire rally. “She just said a terrible thing,” Trump chortled from the stage in Manchester, where he was stumping on the eve of the Granite State primary. “Shout it out, ...

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Hecklers Tried To Perform An Exorcism On Ted Cruz In New Hampshire


Two hecklers tried to perform an exorcism on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during a campaign stop in Raymond, New Hampshire, on Monday. “Ted Cruz, look in the mirror and let the evil spirit leave, leave your power-hungry demonic soul,” one of the hecklers called out from a doorway while holding up a mirror and a cross. The Republican presidential candidate ...

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Democrats Are Fuming About Hillary Clinton’s ‘Smear’ Line


WASHINGTON — Democrats are fuming over presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s defense of the millions of dollars she made giving speeches to Wall Street. Her latest effort to push back against critics undermines years of Democratic claims about the influence of money in politics, invoking a central tenet of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. In last week’s head-to-head debate with Bernie ...

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