EXCLUSIVE: Bill Cosby accused of sexually abusing another ex-model, Jewel Allison, in ‘80s


Former model Jewel Allison fully embraced the Bill Cosby mythos — family man, knit sweaters, pudding pop pitchman — until the night she accepted his dinner invitation. By the time she headed back home, sexually abused and vomiting in the back of a cab, Allison harbored no more illusions about the oft-honored comedian. “We may be looking at America’s greatest ... Read More »

Obama hits back at critics of immigration executive actions, maintaining he has ‘legal authority to make system better’


President Obama shot down on Sunday Republican criticism of the controversial execution actions he announced last week that will suspend millions of deportations. “Why we would prefer a system in which they’re in the shadows, potentially taking advantage of living here but not contributing?” Obama said in an exclusive interview with ABC’s “This Week” that aired Sunday. “Congress has a ... Read More »

Obama’s Temporary Immigration Fix Still Demands a Permanent Solution

New York Immigrant Groups Rally To Celebrate Obama Announcement On Immigration

After months — and even years — of anticipation, President Barack Obama has provided an imperfect solution for nearly half the country’s unauthorized immigrants. The bold decision to wield his executive authority will extend legal status to up to five million unauthorized immigrants; make it easier for high-skilled workers to stay; and strengthen security along the border with Mexico. It ... Read More »

Wall Street Leading Washington Yet Again: What Was Obama Thinking?


If you want to understand what makes Elizabeth Warren so special in American politics, consider her nervy leadership of the campaign to block President Obama’s foolish nomination of one Antonio Weiss to be the top Treasury official in charge of the domestic financial system, including enforcement of the Dodd-Frank Act. For most of his Wall Street career, Weiss has epitomized ... Read More »

With Mia Love’s Election We’re Still Not Post-Racial

Mia Love

Congratulations to Mia Love on being the first black Republican woman in Congress. On the night of her victory, Love remarked, “Many of the naysayers out there said that Utah would never elect a black, Republican, LDS [Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon] woman to Congress. Not only did we do it, we were the first to do it.” But what exactly ... Read More »

Dad Catches 10-Year-Old Daughter Posing as an Adult On Social Media

Kevin Jones blasted his 10 year old daughter Janiya on the internet for posing to be an 18-year-old adult

Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Parenting yesterday, today, and tomorrow takes a lot of time, patience, and understanding. In addition to this, parents must monitor their child’s behavior because of predators seeking to take advantage of the youth’s vulnerabilities. With so many children having access to social media, it’s easy to fake an identity to attract someone. Here’s the case ... Read More »

Parents Call Police On Unruly Autistic Child, Officer’s Response Stuns Them

Officer Dean Walker

Reported by Kacie Whaley The Denver Police Department is celebrating one of their officers who demonstrated great compassion and concern for the parents of a local child with Asperger’s syndrome. On Wednesday, October 1st, Officer Dean Walker received a call from distraught Denver parents who were having trouble calming their son.  The boy had Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. ... Read More »

Dr. Sinclair Grey III: Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker Is Attacking Christianity

sinclair_21711 (2)

Should Local Officials Dictate What Pastors Preach? by Dr. Sinclair Grey III Houston! We have a problem. That’s right; we have a problem because Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, Tx has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors to hand over sermons dealing with ‘homosëxuality, gender identity, or Annise Parker.’ I don’t know how you feel about this but her ... Read More »

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