Black Unemployment Just Keeps Getting Worse

Black Unemployment Just Keeps Getting Worse

A new report on black unemployment reveals a grim picture for the African American community.   The black unemployment rate rose this month from 13% to 13.6% and black males still have the highest unemployment rate in the country.  As with every month there are political implications and conversations taking place on the matter, but not much being done in Washington.

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for African Americans rose in May to 13.6 percent from 13.0 percent in April, the Labor Departmentsaid on Friday. The numbers mirrored the national unemployment rate, which also increased to 8.2 percent from 8.1 percent, the first rise in 11 months. Further, employers created only 69,000 jobs in May, the smallest amount in a year. The startling numbers mean that federal, state, and local governments will have to invest in job-training programs for African-American workers who are increasingly losing jobs like those in the public sector, Rep. Danny K. Davis (Ill-D) told NewsOne.

For Davis, the issue of Black unemployment is a complex one. Still, much of our community being out of work has nothing to do with our unwillingness to work, which is what many high-profile Conservatives would like to have you believe. Taking Conservatives to task, Davis insists that laziness isn’t an accurate depiction of the problem. “I’m a guy who grew up picking cotton, which means that many of the people I grew up with did the same things. Work ethic has been an ongoing thing among individuals I know. Yet, many of them of them cannot find work.

“Yes, the unemployment rate is high among African Americans,” he continued, [but] “one of the reasons is because too few people have too much control of the decisions and resources and money.


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