Creflo Dollar Arrested for Punching, Choking His Daughter

Rev. Creflo Dollar, pastor of World Changers Church International, has been arrested for attacking his 15-year old daughter.  He was taken into custody and charged with simple battery and cruelty to children.

According to the police report, Dollar’s daughter called police after she claims that her father attacked her over whether or not she could attend a party.  The report says that Dollar choked the girl, threw her to the ground, punched her and hit her with a shoe.  The officer who went to the house claims that he saw a scratch on the girl’s neck near her throat.

Dollar says that he tried to restrain his daughter when she became “very disrespectful.”  He admitted that he spanked her and wrestled her to the floor, but said that it was because she hit him first.  The pastor was then taken to Fayette County Jail after being arrested.


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