Father Finds Son Dead on a Tennis Court, But Why Did NY Daily News Post a Picture with Gang Signs?

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A father in the Bronx was confronted with his worst nightmare after finding out that his son had died on the tennis court.  The 14-year old boy was killed in a park, with a tennis racket in his hand.

“He was the best kid you could ask for,” Cassell Brooks, 50, said referring to his child, Kemar.

“He had a bright future. He was exceptional. Why him?”

Kemar’s father said that he gave the boy some money to go play tennis in the park.  When he didn’t get home after 3 am, he became worried.   The father then walked to Haffen Park to find his son.  It was then that he saw his son’s body.

“His face was sideways on the ground,” he said. “I saw some blood coming out of his nostril. My heart dropped.

“He was lying on his side with the racket in his hand,” he said.

Police are saying that the boy was shot in the head.   Ballistic evidence found shell casings nearby, confirming the suspicions of police. Kemar’s father said that there was nothing going on in his life, to his knowledge, that would lead to him having a violent and unfortunate death.

“There was no sign of this. He was a brilliant kid. He was not a child who was ever in trouble,” he told the New York Daily News. “He was an A student.”

So, given that he was a great kid and not involved in negative activities, why in the world did the New York Daily News use an image that showed the boy holding up gang signs?  Is anyone else noticing this besides us?  Are they somehow arguing that this black boy deserved to be killed or did his father send over the picture for them to use?  This is an issue that leads all of us to wonder how the media portrays the endless slew of murders of young black males in America, and whether they are convicted of being thugs from beyond the grave.  There are Trayvon Martins everywhere.


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