Kidnapped Pastor is Released in Egypt; Church is Over Joyed

Friends and family of Pastor Michel Louis out of Boston were overwhelmed with joy to find out that their spiritual leader has been released from his abductors.  The pastor was kidnapped this weekend during a trip to Egypt and loved ones thought that the worst might be possible.  The pastor was tracing in the footsteps of Jesus when the events took place, leading to an international incident that made many Americans keenly aware of some of the dangers that might come from traveling abroad.

“At the moment, there is a lot of joy. I’m exuberant. I have no words to express it. We believe in God, and, let me tell you, he did not let us down,” said Jean Louis, the son of Michel Louis.

Pastor Louis was abducted along with Lissa Alphonse, a mother of two.   The family was notified of his release by Senator Scott Brown who called and told them.  The release also happened to coincide with a visit to Egypt by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“What began as a sightseeing tour turned into an unimaginable nightmare for these Massachusetts families and thank God that nightmare is coming to an end,” US Senator John F. Kerry said in a statement.

Kerry and others had been working for days to get the two released and were successful.   The kidnapping was allegedly part of a plan by the abductors to negotiate the freedom of their colleagues who are in the custody of Egyptian authorities.

“Everyone’s prayers have been answered,” Brown said in a statement.

According to General Ahmed Bakr, head of Egyptian security in North Sinai, the pastor and his friend are in the protection of Egyptian police. The leader of the kidnappers said that they released the pastor after authorities promised they would help to get his uncle out of prison.  Jirmy Abu-Masuh said that he wanted to grant the pastor and his friend mercy because they had nothing to do with their concerns with Egyptian law enforcement.

It has been reported by the Boston Globe that when the men entered the bus full of churchgoers, the pastor volunteered himself to be taken.   The kidnappers took the pastor and Alphonse, as well as a tour guide from the trip.

“We confidently assume that Pastor Louis was not leaving without the woman,” said the Reverend Eugene F. Rivers III, of the Azusa Christian Community.

The travelers were headed to St. Catherine’s Monastery, near Mount Sinai, when the incident took place.  The pastor’s bravery will long be celebrated by the Dorchester community.


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