Meagan Good Encourages Women Who Desire Godly Marriage Not to Settle

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Last month, Meagan Good married her Hollywood executive and preacher fiancé in a beautiful ceremony. Meagan is now opening up about her recent nuptials and giving other women a few tips on how to find their own “Mr. Right.”

Good shared with that she is loving marriage.

“It’s been pretty amazing. He is absolutely the most incredible thing that’s happened to me,” Good revealed. “We want the same thing out of life and that’s important.”

Good, who is a well established actress, is in the process of shooting her new drama series on NBC. The drama series is called “Infamous”.

The newlywed shared that her new husband and her were brought together by their shared Christian faith.

“We’re both on the front lines for Christ. We’re serious about our walk…We’re not perfect but what we desire and what we aspire to is the same. In having a partner you ultimately have to know and want the same things and have the same type of revelations and we do.”

Good shared that she would do anything for her husband who is a Seventh-day Adventist minister. She went on to share that her husband was very different than others that she had been in relationships with. Says Good:

“The difference is God is more evident in my heart. That was always my desire…Sometimes, you make what you think are sacrifices because you see there’s potential here, or this person has it in their heart there’s just got to be some growing.”

Good went on to advise other women not to settle, saying:

“Ultimately one thing I would say to all women is don’t settle. It is out there, it does exist and God is so much bigger and greater than what our small minds can think,” Good said. “What we think is impossible is absolutely possible and I’m definitely living proof of that. My marriage is living proof of that.”

The actress said that she was excited about a future with her new husband.

 “I’m just excited about life. I’m excited to have a partner on this journey that gets it,” she said. “(It’s) just a blessing.”

Sadly, Hollywood marriages tend not to last, but it looks like Good and her husband may just make it.

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