Rush Limbaugh Defines the NAACP as “An Extremist Group”

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins,

Chasing the ratings that once fueled his addiction to prescription drugs, Rush Limbaugh is at it again.  This week, Limbaugh decided to define the NAACP to be an “extremist group.”  This was after GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a visit to the NAACP national convention and received a chorus of boos after attacking President Obama on his own turf.

Says Limbaugh:

“The NAACP…nobody cares what the NAACP thinks because none of it is a surprise. The NAACP is just your next average leftist, extremist group. Some people think that Romney shouldn’t even have gone in, it’s a waste of his time to go there. Other people, hearing from them today, think that he scored a home run because of the way he spoke to them and how that’s being reported above and beyond the NAACP. But…if anybody harbors the idea that the NAACP is going to do anything other than support Obama, give it up, not happening. They’re no different than any other far left interest group, they’re gonna do everything they can to kill Romney at the ballot box just like every other liberal group is.”

Congratulations Rush, you got the attention you don’t deserve.

One of the saddest things about the Right Wing today is that they listen to men like Limbaugh in the first place. Allowing a former drug addict (I will assume he’s not using drugs anymore, or at least not telling anyone about it) who makes a living off of bigoted statements to guide the direction of the Republican Party is nearly as maniacal as Germans following the words of another lunatic who decided that all Jews should be exterminated 70 years ago.  Mind you, Limbaugh would never want Jews to be exterminated, but when it comes to exterminating a few million black kids in America’s penitentiaries, many for possession of the same drugs Limbaugh has used himself, Rush is fully indoctrinated into the program.

Limbaugh’s point about the NAACP being an extremist group is not worth mentioning, everyone knows that.  But an issue worth discussing is the manner by which Mitt Romney came into the room and urinated all over any chance for the GOP to build bridges with conservative African Americans.  Millions of black folks agree with Republican positions on gay marriage, reproductive rights and many other issues.  But they are afraid to vote Republican because there has long been a “whites only” sign on the front door of the party.

Even black Republicans expressed outrage over the manner by which Mitt Romney came to the NAACP convention and prodded the congregation into booing him, all so he could go back to his conservative base and say that black people don’t like him because they want “free stuff.”  African Americans have every right to be appalled that Romney would come into a politically sacred space like the NAACP convention and disrespect African Americans in such a blatant way.   Romney might have gained a few points from the bigots in his base, but he has set relations back between Republicans and the black community for at least another five years with his ridiculous little stunt.

As for Rush Limbaugh, there isn’t much else to say.  I’m a college professor, and while trying not to sound arrogant, I confess that it’s hard to respect the opinion of a man whose mother admitted that he “flunked out of everything” right as he dropped out of school.  Rush is a loser, we’ve known that for a long time.   The idea that those on the Right Wing give any credence to his opinion is merely a symptom of how desperate they’ve become when trying to maintain their relevance in a world they no longer control.  In many ways, they’ve become extremists themselves.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets with Your Partner in Ways that Feel Good.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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