Dr. Boyce: Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses Discusses Her Performance at the Mrs. Earth Pageant

In this video, I speak with Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses, a Your Black World contributor and reigning Mrs. Botswana.  Nomalanga just competed in the Mrs. Earth pageant, getting a strong third place finish and also winning the director’s award.  What I respect about Nomalanga is that she is not only a highly successful woman of color, but she is also seeking to give back in very meaningful ways.

Nomalanga mentors young women at the college level, she also gives black women tips on how to be successful in family, relationships and career.  Finally, she is not afraid to use her voice in a strong and active way to fight for the things that she believes in.

Last year, Nomalanga vocalized the concerns of black participants in the Mrs. World pageant over the fact that no black women made the finals or were selected as judges.  In fact, she revealed that throughout the entire history of the pageant, no black woman has ever won. These words led to controversy, but it drew attention to what some might consider to be blatant racism on behalf of pageant organizers.  While Noma may never be invited to compete for Mrs. World again, her courageous sacrifice will likely cause pageant organizers to be a bit more thoughtful about their selections.

I interview Noma in the video below.  Check it out.

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