Evidence Acquired From Calouri's Apartment
Evidence Acquired From Calouri's Apartment

Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening President Obama

Evidence Acquired From Calouri’s Apartment

Anton Calouri, 31, is accused of making an email threat against President Obama. Calouri brandished a shotgun at officers when they appeared at his doorstep in a Washington state apartment on Tuesday. Secret Service spokesman, Brian Leary, said Calouri was detained for investigation of making threats against the president and assault on a federal officer.

Emily Langlie, U.S. attorney spokeswoman, says the threat was sent to a general purpose FBI email address. When a Secret Service agent and a Federal Way police officer knocked on Calouri’s door, they announced themselves for approximately three minutes. When the door opened, Calouri was armed with a shotgun.

Officials confiscated two weapons from Calouri’s apartment and searched the apartment for additional weapons and evidence. Bomb squad officials were called to the scene and evacuated people from the surrounding units to eliminate suspicion of any incendiary devices, police said.

Calouri is set to appear in court today at 2 p.m.

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