African American Pastors: “The Democratic Party is Not Pro-African American”

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An African American leader is speaking out about the celebrations taking place after the Democratic National Convention vowed to support abortion and officially endorse “gay marriage”.

Speaking to CNA, Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said,

“As far as I’m concerned, the Democratic Party is not pro-African American.”

Owens went on to express his views saying that African Americans in the U.S. are used as “pawns” because the Democrats take their loyalty for granted even though the Democratic Party does not support their interests.

Owens also questioned why, if the Democratic Party is truly concerned about the Black community, “why are we in such bad shape,” even though Black people consistently vote for the Democrats. He went on to name education, jobs and abortion as some of the issues that Black people care about.

“We’re losing our young men to gangs,” he added, and “culturally, we’re slipping behind.” Owens cited the loss of family as an underlying issue of many issues in the Black community saying,

“If the family were intact, we wouldn’t have so many of our young men in prison [and gangs]…Education would be much better.”

Owens talked about  his involvement in the civil rights movement when there were more black families together than white families.

“But now the family has disintegrated,” he said.

In speaking out about President Obama, Owens marks the first time ever speaking out publicly to voice displeasure. He said that he is speaking out because of his concern for the implications of President Obama’s stance on many issues, especially his stance on “gay marriage”.



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