Eddie Glaude, Cornel West Call Obama out for Neglect of Black America

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Eddie Glaude, Cornel West and several other Black Princeton Professors in the Center for African American Studies are not satisfied with President Obama’s performance and they are not holding back. Some of them have even gone on Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction.

CAAS Chair Eddie Glaude GS ’97 has been consistent in voicing his concern and speaking up for black people on social media. On September 4, while the Democratic National Convention was going on, he tweeted,

“As folks rally to support POTUS in Charlotte, will anyone sound the alarm for what is happening in Black America?”

Glaude feels that Obama has ignored and continues to ignore the fact that African Americans are disproportionately affected by poverty and hardship.

Says Glaude,

“Of course, you have to consider the scale of the economic crisis, but when you look at housing, the job market, rates of incarceration and the health care crisis, black America has really suffered.”

Glaude said that in spite of a Black man being in the White House, Black people are not better off now than they were four years ago.

Glaude went on to explain that he is not suggesting that President Obama should govern by focusing only on Black people but pointed out that the Obama administration has not used any policies that are necessary to help the most vulnerable communities in society, saying,

“We wouldn’t think that any specific legislation for the LGBT community beyond repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and beyond questions about same-sex marriage is needed. We can talk about the Hispanic community in the same way with the DREAM Act.”

Glaude, who is on leave at this time, says he will not actively participate in any political campaigning but will continue to advocate for the Black community.

Says, Glaude,

“I want to intervene in a substantive and culturally informed way around issues that matter to me. What I despise more than anything are efforts to short-circuit the kind of deliberation we need for people to make informed choices. As long as I am doing that kind of work, I hope I have some influence.”

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