Hmmmm: Dance Studio Creates a Pole Dancing Class for Kids

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Is it right or wrong for a child to learn how to dance on a pole?  Some have said that pole dancing gets a bad rap from the stripper industry, since there are professional pole dancers who actually want to make competitive pole dancing into an Olympic sport.  The real pole dancers (not the ones at the night club) claim that there is nothing wrong with young women learning how to swing around the metal bar.

There is a Canadian dance studio that seems to feel the same way.  According to CTV News, Twisted Grip Dance & Fitness, in Duncan, British Columbia, has set up a pole dancing class called “Little Spinners,” which is designed to allow little boys and girls to learn how to spin on the pole.  We’re not sure if they are encouraging the kids to dance on the pole for a living.

Dance instructor Kristy Craig says that she only introduced the class because the parents wanted it.  She says that so far, three girls and one boy have registered, and the class is set to begin on September 22.  The youngest child is five years old.

She says there’s nothing sexual about the class.

“It’s pure fitness and strength and fun,” Craig told the CBC. “I mean kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything.”

But do you think that maybe a college age girl struggling for money might consider getting a job in a strip club if she just happened to develop a proficiency for pole dancing when she was five?  We’re just saying.

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