Mother’s Boyfriend is Lead Suspect in Missing Daughter’s Case, He Led Search for Her Body

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The disappearance of Gabrielle Swainson is a nightmare for any parent when thinking about the things that can happen to our loved ones.  The 15-year old girl went missing, and the police are seeking to determine what might have happened to the beautiful young cheerleader.  The Richland County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina recently announced that there was an arrest in Gabbiee’s case, and the outcome surprised everyone, especially her mother.

Freddie Grant, the boyfriend of the girl’s mother, was arrested for Gabrielle’s kidnapping.  He was also named as a person of interest in two other disappearances.  Most ironic was that Freddie was involved in the search for Gabrielle’s body, leading to shock in the community who thought that the man was seeking to help the girl and her family.

Police found duct tape in Grant’s home with the Gabrielle’s DNA on it.  He was then arrested by local police.  It turns out that Grant may have been involved in an unsolved homicide back in 2011 involving Daniel Lee Wood, a man who was shot in the front yard of his home.  Additionally, Grant was also named in the disappearance of Adriana Laster, who lived with him for more than a year.   The girl disappeared in September of 2011, but was not reported missing until March 2012.

Swainson has been missing since August 18 of this year, when her mother left her home sleeping at 3 am while she went to work.  When police interviewed friends and relatives, Grant referred officers to his attorney.  That made Grant appear suspicious to police, especially since there were no signs of a forced entry.   Even sadder is that Grant even put his cell phone number as the contact in case someone found his girlfriend’s daughter.

Maria Lloyd, a contributor to Your Black World, says that the case is a reminder to single mothers about being careful about the men they bring around their children.  Lloyd notes that the rise in single parenthood in the black community has come with dangerous consequences for children who are far too often victims of sexual assault or other crimes that occur at the hands of an abuser who may have been invited into the home.

“Mothers sometimes believe that children don’t need fathers around to protect them, but there are a lot of dangerous men out here and we need to try to keep our families together,” she says.

This case gives all of us a moment of pause.

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