School Removes Black Girl for Tights being Brown Like her Skin

On Friday, an eleven year old African American girl was removed from class because the teacher’s aid felt that her brown tights looked too much like her skin.

Deja Tunstill, an honor’s student at Mount Gleason Middle School in Los Angeles, was sent to the principle’s office because the teacher’s aid said that her brown tights made it look like she was naked. Not only was she humiliated in front of her class mates, Tunstill missed school for the rest of the day because she was sent home.

Deja’s mother, Yolanda Tunstill was very upset by the incident and has vowed to fight back for the school’s unfair treatment of her daughter. She feels that her daughter was not only humiliated, but that she was also discriminated against and she is asking the school some tough questions, saying,

“I can understand if they said okay, this type of material, this type of clothing…But for you to make a remark to state because the pants were brown and to make a remark about my daughter’s skin color… That was not right to me.”

According to Mrs. Tunstill, her daughter has worn tights to school previously, in different colors, and has not had any problems.

Although the Los Angeles Unified School District denied that Deja was sent home because of the color of her tights, they did admit that they did not agree with the teacher’s aid or the school’s decision to remove her from school that day.

The school dress code specifically prohibits ‘sleepwear, lounge-wear, or tights worn alone, but Mrs. Tunstill insists that it was not the first time her daughter had worn tights to school, saying,

“There has never been a problem before until she wore the brown ones, and then it became a problem.”

Although the district sent home a letter explaining that the issue was not the color of the tights and also saying the teacher’s aid was reprimanded, Mrs. Tunstill still  plans to take legal action against them.

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