Rush Limbaugh Predicts Total ‘Economic Collapse’ in 18 Months if Obama is Re-Elected

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By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell

Radical right-wing conservative syndicated radio host recently spoke on his show about President Obama. The 61-year-old Limbaugh is an ardent critic of the Democratic Party as well as what he calls liberal policies of the U.S. government. Very recently on his show he insinuated that Obama’s re-election will be equivalent to impending doom and what he says will be the demise of the Republican Party. He made the following statements on his show:

“How long does this country have if Obama wins? We’re headed toward an economic collapse and we are the leader of the world. And when it happens to us, there are reverberations all over the world […] How long is it going to take? I’m asking a serious question. 18 months? You throw ObamaCare onto what we know what we are going to get from Obama — more debt, more spending, the expansion of the welfare state. How long can this go on?”

MSNBC television host Chris Matthews recently stated that Obama’s re-election will be the end of conservatism. Limbaugh disagreed with that position saying,

“Nope…If Obama wins, it’s the end of the Republican Party. There’s going to be a third party that’s going to be orientated towards conservatism — or Rand Paul thinks libertarianism If Obama wins, the Republican Party will try to maneuver things so conservatives get blamed. The only problem is right now, Romney is not running a conservative campaign….

“But they’re going to set it up, ‘Well, the right sat home, the right made Romney be other than he is.’ They’ll try to deflect the blame, but they got who they want,”

he said of the Republican Party’s choice of Mitt Romney for president. He went on to say,

“How long do we have, folks? I know people, who think 18 months before a real United States economic collapse.”

Limbaugh’s hysterical rants and controversial opinions about women and minorities are nothing new. His maniacal disposition could be linked to his abuse of prescription drugs. His incidents of “doctor shopping” are well-documented. In 2006, he paid a $30,000 fine to offset a serious conviction of conspiring to attain prescription pain killers illegally.



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