All-Pro Dad Tony Dungy Says Presidential Candidates Should Adress Fatherhood

Tony Dungy strongly believes that President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney should be putting fatherhood at the top of their priority list; if not the top, at least putting it on the list. The former Indianapolis Colts coach started an online petition, earlier this week, to put fatherhood on the list of issues the candidates should be discussing in their campaigns.

All-Pro Dad is the website that the petition is posted on and it encouraged the candidates to “put the issue of fatherhood at the forefront of our nation’s attention as you discuss issues publicly in the final stretch of this campaign.”

Dungy aslo pointed out that fatherless-ness has to be addressed, saying,

“Too many children are coming into the world without an involved father, while their mothers walk the path of parenthood alone. This is a problem that is defining a generation, and it is something we must address now.”

In the post, Dungy supports his case with statistics about homes with or without fathers and points out that 24 million children currently do not live with their biological fathers.

Dungy’s organization is an extension of Family First, a non-profit organization that provides various articles and other information on marriage, parenting and fatherhood. According to the website, his organization provides men with “every resource needed to rightly train up their children and give them a hopeful future.”

Although Romney briefly mentioned that the issue of violence could be resolved if there were more two-parent homes, Dungy still feels that it is not a priority for the candidates. Romney was responding to a question about the civilian use of automatic weapons.

The petition  has over 3,0000 signatures, so far.

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