Black Americans Celebrate Big Obama Victory:  What Does It Mean for Us?

Black Americans Celebrate Big Obama Victory: What Does It Mean for Us?

In the recent past, many leaders in the black community have expressed their fear that a loss for President Obama this election would have had negative affects on the esteem of Black-Americans. Now that he has secured the presidency for a second term, the community can accept the affirmation of the success of Obama as the president. It is no mistake that a black man became president of this country; he’s done it twice.

Having won the country with 303 electoral votes, President Obama dominated the election, winning two key swing-states (Ohio and Florida), guaranteeing his re-election. Chairman of the Department of African American Studies at Yale University, Elizabeth Alexander, believes that this election was more meaningful than the first. Alexander focuses on how Americans were determined to elect the best man for the job.

“In a funny way, this election is even more powerful than the first one,” said Alexander. “It proves again that the country cannot only elect a black man — but re-elect the best person for the job.”

President Obama’s re-election does not mean the end of racial tensions in America. Lonnie G. Bunch III, the founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, says, “You see the vitriolic comments, and you realize the first election of Obama didn’t change the pain and hatred. In some ways that election magnified some of it. It is not a post-racial world, but a world that would make us believe in the possibility of bringing people together.”

The re-election of President Obama is a huge win for the black community and also for black history. It shows that today, after decades of fighting for civil right in this country, the best man for the job can be elected regardless of his skin color.  This was a great day for America.

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