Citizens Call for Murder Charges Against Officer Who Shot an Unarmed Man

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Tensions are high in Macon Georgia after a black man was shot by a local police officer.  Clayton Sutton, an officer with the Macon Police Department, is being called a murderer by those who feel that he broke the law when shooting Sammie Davis Jr. at a Kroger.   Over 50 protesters gathered in the town, holding signs that said,  “Wanted for murder: Clayton Sutton,” and “Silence is Violence.”

In an interview with the Redding News Review, former Macon Mayor Jack C. Ellis says that outside authorities should investigate the shooting, because this police officer might actually have committed murder.  The victim’s sister, Cheryl Davis, says that her brother “shouldn’t have died because somebody used poor judgment.”

Police have released very little information about the shooting since the incident took place.  But even former Mayor Ellis joined with protesters, leading a chant “No justice, no peace!”

Ellis says that if Sutton cannot prove that Ellis put him in fear for his life, then the officer should be put on trial by a jury.  Police searched Davis after the shooting and didn’t find a weapon on him.  As of now, the officer is on administrative leave pending the results of the police investigation.  But it’s unclear if the community will be satisfied with the results.


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  1. A macon residentGregory wir saniel

  2. Officer santiel smith shot Gregg williams was in the back nothing has been done about it

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