Stephen McCrary: What You Need to Re-think To Be Successful in 2013

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success-new-yearBy Rev. Stephen M. McCrary

As we dive into the year of 2013, many of us are anticipating great, potent, and prosperous things ahead. Many of us write out New Year resolutions, goals, ambitions and dreams. We want that model body, more money, better relationships, or just becoming more effective at what we do. I have a key that could possibly unlock some doors, in our lives, that have been shut. No matter what day, time, or year it is, if we use this key, life will begin to afford us every dream to realization.

If we ever want to change our YEAR we must begin to change what is coming into our EAR. Look at the word Y-EAR, what do you see? Could there be a correlation between what we HEAR and the way we live and the decisions we make? Ultimately, the decisions we make will affect our YEAR, and the decisions we make will come from what we H-EAR. We cannot listen to negativity day in and day out without developing a defeatist mindset. It is this mindset that will never allow us to rise above the
circumstances we find ourselves in. We should take our pen of independence, dip it in the ink of positivity and sign our EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION for 2013.

I have never seen a society that lives in the abyss of ” REALITY EVERYTHING “, but never ” REALIZE ANYTHING ” we must do, to live better. We worship people for the accomplishments they have procured but rarely look inward to mine the treasure within us. If we want the sweet symphony of success to play on the violin of our 2013, we must begin to H-EAR positive, uplifting words of purpose, destiny, potential and POWER! When this happens, no matter what year it is, LIFE WILL BE SWEETER, the grass will seem greener, and the heavens will open up for you.

Rev. Stephen M. McCrary is a minister from The Abundance of Grace Ministries

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