U Texas Professor Says Black Kids Don’t Succeed Because Most Are Raised by Women

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by John Roberts, BlackBlueDog.com

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut, especially if your comments will have you labeled as a racist. A University of Texas professor put his foot in his mouth after making an analysis of the Black and Hispanic communities.  Many have found the professor’s comments to be quite offensive and are going after his job. The professor claims that Black and Hispanic youth are failing to succeed academically because they are raised in single family homes that are ran by women.

Lino Graglia is the law professor at the University of Texas that let his theory out to the BBC during a recent interview. Graglia described the rearing environment of Black and Hispanic youth from single parent homes as ‘deleterious’, claiming that these children are typically raised by poor and uneducated single mothers. Graglia went on to say that the average Black student performed 200 points worse on the SAT than the average white student. He then said that three quarters of black children are born out of wedlock, further leading to their demise. Who isn’t he trying to offend here?

Awkwardly for Graglia, the reporter that he was speaking to was Black and raised by a single mother. Disregarding the reporter, Graglia continued, ‘How well do these kids do in maths and reading is basically it and they do less well. And race or segregation or history wouldn’t matter one bit if that was not the case. No doubt the race and segregation may have a lot to do why that’s the case, but it is the case and what to do about it now? And admitting them into selective schools with large gaps in qualification is not the answer.’

What the professor failed to mention is that part of the reason that so many black children are in single parent homes is because their fathers are in prison due to the War on Drugs, which has been described by President Obama and other Democrats as a set of failed policies.  So, as the professor seeks to blame black parents for their children  not having fathers in the home, he isn’t interested in understanding the role that the state of Texas has played in destroying the very families that he is criticizing.  You can’t shoot someone in the leg and then make fun of them because they are no longer able to run.  This could be the essence of racial hypocrisy.

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