Former NBA Player Etan Thomas: Injured Redskins QB Should Not Have Been on the Field

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Millions of people saw themselves cringing while watching Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (aka RG3) play in pain during this week’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  It was clear to some that the player had no business being out there on the field, but his warrior instincts kept him playing, even though he needed to sit himself down.

One person who felt Griffin’s pain was former NBA player Etan Thomas, who knows all-too well the pressure of having a major sports franchise and millions of fans looking to you to help the city to win a big game.

In an open letter to the Redskins quarterback, Thomas says that the player should understand that while playing in pain proves that you’re stupid, there’s a point where you can end up going over the line.  Instead of fans getting to cheer you on for the next 12 years, they instead might end up talking about what you could have been.

In this conversation with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Thomas explains what he meant by that letter, and why Griffin shouldn’t let his owner, his coach or anyone else tell him when his body has had too much.  The interview is below:

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