George Zimmerman Seeks To Delay Murder Trial; Defense Says They Need More Preparation Time

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imagesBy Victor Trammell

The defense team for George Zimmerman said on Wednesday that they need more time to prepare for trial because the prosecution is taking too much turning over evidence.

The irony of this claim on Zimmerman’s behalf is that lead defense attorney, Mark O’Mara is also appealing for more time to raise money for raise money for Zimmerman’s legal fees. O’Mara says that Zimmerman’s defense in court on charges of second-degree murder will cost up to $1 million.

O’Mara attempted to substantiate his claim against the prosecution by saying a person working for the Florida State Attorney’s Office removed Zimmerman’s cell phone from an evidence locker.

O’Mara claimed that the state sent the phone to a California lab for analysis but has not given the defense any information about the lab’s agency or what kinds of tests are being conducted on the phone.

O’Mara additionally claimed that the prosecution has made it difficult for him to answer administrative questions from a chief investigator in the Trayvon Martin case. O’Mara also said the prosecution has not forwarded more information about Martin and another witness in the case. A statement on George Zimmerman’s defense fund website read:

“The state has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute George. To finance his defense, however, George relies on the generosity of individuals who believe he is innocent.”

A hearing in April is scheduled to be held that will provide the defense an opportunity to plea their self-defense case. The judge in this case has said that such a hearing will be held 45 days before a trial. Zimmerman’s trial is scheduled for June. However, his defense team has requested to push the trial delayed until November. If convicted of second-degree murder charges, Zimmerman faces 25 years in prison.



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