Fans of the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page debated whether or not an image of a masculine black man wearing a dress was part of an agenda to make black men effeminate.
Acquired from Orijin Culture Facebook fan page

Is There an Agenda to Make Black Men Effeminate?

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Fans of the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page debated whether or not an image of a masculine black man wearing a dress was part of an agenda to make black men effeminate.
Acquired from Orijin Culture Facebook fan page

by Maria Lloyd

Recently, the group of dancing gay black men, The Prancing Elites, were given a television deal to show their stuff to the world.  On the Fox show “Empire,” one of the sons of the main character happens to be gay.

This begs the question of whether or not there is an agenda by media to show black men are weak, feminine and woman-like as an effort to divert opportunities away from black men who are more masculine and heterosexual.

Fans of the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page had a critical debate about an image of a black male model wearing a colorful dress and blazer on the runway. Many believe the image is symbolic of a hidden agenda of some sort to make black men effeminate. The discussion ran rampant a few years ago when comedian Dave Chappelle went on Oprah Winfrey’s show and discussed how he was pressured to wear a dress for a movie he was doing with Martin Lawrence.

“…When I see they put every black man in the movies in a dress at some point in their career. I be connected the dots like ‘Wow this brother wearing a dress.’ This happened to me. I’m doing a movie with Martin. The movie’s doing good. So I walk in the trailer I’m like ‘Man this must be the wrong trailer ’cause there’s a dress in here.,” Dave explained.

He then discussed the conversation between he and a writer for the film, in which the writer tells him he would dress as a female hooker during one of the scenes. Dave refused to wear the dress and found it peculiar that the scene wasn’t discussed beforehand — that’s when the writer summoned the producer and director to speak with Dave in an attempt to encourage him to wear the dress. “And then I started thinking about it,” he said. “All the comics I’d seen — you know strong brothers. Why are they putting us in these dresses?”  When the crew realized Dave would not put on the dress, they created a different scene. Dave was shocked by the rapid turnaround in which the writers, producers, and director were able to come up with a completely different scene after he refused to wear the dress. “They come back 10 minutes later with a whole new scene. And I’m like ‘D*mn, how did you write the scene so fast?‘” He continued: “You know it’s like, you gotta take a stand.

The image acquired from the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page acquired 200 shares, 80 “likes,” and more than 300 comments. While the majority of the commenters appeared turned off by the fashion itself, the other commenters debated about whether or not the image was exuding a hidden agenda to make black men effeminate.

Andrew Davis commented with a simple quote by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: “The system of racism wants to turn Black men into women…because then they will not have an opponent and not have to fear white genetic annihilation because the man has become a woman…” Kiña del Mar’s comment disagrees with Davis’ quote: “There is nothing wrong with this. Manhood and sexuality are not determined by clothing. And let’s not forget how outraged some people were when women first started wearing pants. People thought they looked masculine/un-lady-like. Now, it’s the norm. Fashion norms change with the times and it’s a little silly to get so worked up about what type of cloth someone chooses to wear.”

On the plantation, there was a process called “Buck Breaking,” that was used to strip black men out of their masculinity.  Whenever a black male stood up against the master, the plantation owners would beat him in front of his son and emasculate him entirely.  They would also make him wear women’s clothing and possibly rape him in front of his sons, so that everyone on the plantation would lose respect for him.  The message of Buck Breaking was very simple:  If you are a strong black man, you will suffer.  As a result, the sons of the “broken buck” would emasculate themselves voluntarily so as not to run into the wrath of the master.

Maybe what we’re seeing in media isn’t too far off from long-held traditions of white’s treatment toward blacks.

Do you believe there’s an agenda to make black men effeminate?

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    • Many thanks for being my personal lecturer on this topic. I enjoyed your current article very much and most of all appreciated how you really handled the issues I regarded as controversial. You are always very kind to readers really like me and help me in my living. Thank you.

    • Die Bestimmungen über den Liefer- bzw. Leistungsort stimmen zwischen dem kroatischen und dem EU-Umsatzsteuerrecht weitgehend überein, so dass in den meisten Fällen das Reverse-Charge-Prinzip zur Anwendung kommen kann.

    • The $41M return was a bit surprising for a “sleepy January weekend.” And by no means would I expect the first feature film released online to pull in those types of numbers.But still, I think Cloverfield, with its aesthetic and target demographic, would have made a strong showing online had it been released. Which filmmaker will be the first to “pull a Radiohead?” Any guesses?Also, Matt_ has an excellent point. That is what happened to the music industry which is now dismantling their business model. We’ll see how long it take the film industry.

    • like this site and will come back…but I don't do the name calling hatred thing. And…It gets to be a little much for me when the conversation gets lost in ignorance…. But I will come back just to see what you say CF about hip hop…:)Still…CF listened to Farrakhan for how long? And could not get one good thing out of it…I highly doubt that when I know rednecks that have heard him and agree with him on some points.Peace.~agape2010~

  4. the bible says \a man shall not wear what pertaineth to a woman\ and that they are \an abomination in the eyes of the Lord\. So kina del mar is wrong.

  5. Just reading the account if Buck Breaking brings tears to my eyes. The spoken and unspoken agenda ever since we came this country to destroy any perceived threat to their power structure. I firmly believe that the campaign to place black men in dresses is to remove the role model possibility from famous black men. If you survey the arenas in which Black Men dominate,sports, entertainment, etc their character is assassinated. Film makers, dumb down or ask the men to compromise their gender, or the athletes are painted as barbaric Neanderthals. What appeal do they have to black or white youth as role models? None. We walk around willingly ignorant to who we are and accept the lie of ‘ White Mans Ice’. We let THEM tell US who we are.

  6. There is an agenda to break all men from being their historically normal strong, aggressive, dominant selves just so women and other weak men will not be intimidated. On all the white TV shows the father is a pathetic weak shadow of a man being dominated by the children and his wife. I had to stop watching Blackish TV show because the father was so pathetic that he was scared to say something to his son. Paul Robeson was vilified and eventually stripped of his passport because he refused to be a sell out to his people and wanted to stand up as a man. Malcolm X as assassinated because he refused to cowtow to the powers that be. Any Black man that stands up and speaks the truth in this country or others will eventually be eliminated or cast aside. This is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with else a lot of the younger generation of men are going start taking retribution on other innocent people.

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