Jesse Herriott: What We Can Learn From Steve Harvey Crying On-Screen

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steve-harveyBy Rev. Jesse Herriott

In a recent episode of the Steve Harvey show, the producers shocked the host by locating someone that Harvey had not seen or heard from in about 30 years. Rich and Becky Liss have a history with the superstar host, and comedian that brought out his rather soft side.

The backdrop of the story suggests that the couple did something that all of us can attest to, whether we have experienced it or not- they helped Steve during a time in his life when he needed it the most.  If one was to take a brief look at Harvey, about thirty years ago, they probably wouldn’t recognize him because it was during this time that he was still molding his gift and charting his course. Now, some thirty years later, I’m sure there were maybe about one or two folks that could’ve dreamed of the success that he has today.  If it were not for individuals such as Rich and Becky Liss that believed in Steve, and helped him to the best of their ability, perhaps his life would’ve been a bit different.

The biggest investment that you can make, other than in your own life, is in the life of someone else that’s trying to build a better future. Of course, all investments require a worthy candidate. Nevertheless, perhaps the biggest lesson from this story is that we all should remember not to count folks out so quickly because all doors seem to open in time, and you never know where a person may end up later on down the road.

Rev. Jesse Herriott is a priest; writer and adjunct professor based out of Atlanta, GA. Jesse is completing a PhD in Psychology from NorthCentral University. Jesse’s work bridges both Depth Psychology and Spirituality. In addition, Jesse is also a contributor to,, and Jesse can be heard live every Tuesday at 9am Central on Unity Online Radio on his breakout show entitled, “Living on Purpose”, where he interviews bestselling authors, teachers and speakers and shares principles for living a more fulfilling life. Learn more at

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