Miss USA Nana Meriweather is as Athletic and Smart as She is Gorgeous


Nana Meriweather has nearly everything going for her:  She’s as pretty as the day is long, as smart as she wants to be, and among one of the most athletic young women in the country.  She is the new Miss USA and is stunning all observers who see her as one of the most remarkable human beings they’ve ever met.

She is 27-years old, and graduated from UCLA as a two sport star in both track and volleyball.  She went to the same school as Sasha and Malia Obama and Chelsea Clinton.  She seems to be amazing.  Here are a few things that E-online noted about the young woman who is getting national attention:

1)  She’s a winner on stage and on the field.  It’s not very easy to get onto the track team at UCLA and probably even more difficult to make the volleyball team.  Many of these athletes are the best in the world.

2) Her father, Dr. Delano Meriweather, was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1971 after holding the world record in the 100 meter dash.   Oh, he can also sing pretty good.

3) She’s going to medical school herself.  Or, that might end up being law school.  As a backup, she has taken both the MCAT and LSAT, so she’s not just a pretty face or just an athlete.  She is much more than the eye can behold.

Read more about this extraordinary young woman here. 


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