Stephen McCrary: The Significance of The 7th Day

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hammockBy Rev. Stephen M. McCrary

On this the 7th day of the brand new year of 2013, I want to blog a word to you! REST!  In Genesis 2: 3, it says,

And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

On this the 7th day of 2013 REST in the lane of your destiny! Let God sanctify your gift and catapult you to another dimension. Today rest and reflect on what God has given you. What is the ability He has blessed you with unlike any other? What drives you ? What hungers you? Until you know the answers to these questions you will never be fully able to CREATE! Yes! God is a CREATOR and as His children, we should be creators too. We should always be bringing life to something, and lifting someone up!

Let the mist of God’s creative power, water our parched ground! Pray this prayer aloud right now ” LORD, PULL OUT OF ME EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE PUT IN ME, EVERY GIFT, ABILITY, AND PURPOSE  in the name of JESUS CHRIST! “..On this 7th BEGIN TO R.E.S.T!..R-ealize E-very S-ingle T-hing God has put in you!

 Rev. Stephen M. McCrary is a minister at The Abundance of Grace Ministries

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