Trey Coleman: Whatever Happened to Good Black Music?

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by Trey Coleman

I remember when my parents would tell me that my generation’s taste in music was not good.  I thought they were crazy. The music I listened to was the best because it had that old school flavor; we just turned up the bass in our music.  Also, our songs were structured differently meaning we didn’t have long intros and we added a bridge. Now don’t get me wrong, my parents generation had good music, arguably the best of any generation. After all, they did have The Motown Sound which was the sound of young America.

My generation had The New Jack Swing a fusion of hip-hop, r&b, dance-pop and urban contemporary.  What we did in a nut shell was take contemporary R&B singing added a hip-hop swing beat created by the drum machine.

The great thing about both generations is that while they had their differences they both are revered as good music. I don’t think the same can be said of today’s music.

So what happened to good music?  They are tons of outlets to have music played at the same time it seems like artists are conditioned to solely make music to get airplay.  If you listen to radio they have a certain format and let’s face it, if you’re not making stripper music you’re not going to be heard on radio.

Artists need to get back to writing from the soul, which is often difficult because the business side of the business impedes the creative side—The “yin and yang.” As a result the artist goes along with the status quo.  If artists would just create music from the heart  then music would return back to its essence.  We need that old school soul back it’s been too long.  There are artist that are trying but we are not buying, which is the reason labels shy away from these artist. Its like blacks wanting to see more black TV shows, but when black shows are on we don’t support, so therefore those shows get cancelled because no one is watching.

Maxwell, Eric Benet, Ledisi, Musiq Soul-Child, Alicia Keys , etc., all make good music but we would rather listen to “Chicken Noodle Soup” with a dam soda on the side. We went from having a variety of great music to sifting through the trash trying to find good music.

My name is Trey Coleman.  I’m blogging to give some insight on politics, music and entertainment. I’m a Republican. I believe in a capitalistic society and the separation of church and state.  Check out my website and follow me on twitter at Treys Truth

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  1. want a simple reason music has no soul today? computers don't have souls!

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