Female Prison Guard In New York Is Charged With R@pe After Becoming Pregnant By Male Inmate

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tyshinia-love-poughkeepsieBy Victor Trammell

A female prison guard in New York is out of a job and facing serious charges after becoming pregnant by an imate incarcerated at the prison she worked at.

New York State Police alleged that Tyshinia Love Brewster (pictured) was involved in an unethical s*xual relationship with a male inmate at the Downstate Correctional Facility (DCF) in Fishkill, New York.

Brewster, 39, of Poughkeepsie, New York was arrested this past Wednesday at her home by New York State Police. She has been charged with r@pe and official misconduct. Brewster also lost her job at DCF after working at the correctional institution for seven and a half years.

New York State Police claim that Brewster and the inmate (whose name has not been released) would frequently meet in a cell where the inmate was housed during Brewster’s shift assignment. The pair were allegedly sexually involved since 2010.

The inmate, who was serving time as a result of a felony conviction received in New York City, has been transferred to a different New York prison. New York State Police also claim Brewster is six months pregnant with the inmate’s child. Currently, Brewster is free on bond pending trial on her charges.






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