Georgia Man Did “Adult Acts” With 3-Year-Old Girl & Gets 220 Years In Prison

hambrick2By Victor Trammell

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Fulton County, Georgia judge sentenced a man to a very long prison term for the r@pe and @buse of a three-year-old girl.

Jason Jerome Hambrick, (pictured) 23, was given 220 years in prison for several charges related to a July 2011 incident. Around the that time, Hambrick had been a care taker for a three-year-old for roughly a month.

According to police investigators, Hambrick forced the little girl to perform “adult” acts with him. Most of the s*xu@l assaults committed against the little girl caused significant injuries, according the police reports on the incidents.

Family members of the girl noticed that she was making gestures that were indicative of s*xu@l activity. The girl’s family began to question her about how she learned  to act out the lewd gestures.

The family notified police and a stringent investigation into the inappropriate relations case began. Finally in August, 2011, authorities raided Hambrick’s home, arrested him, and took samples of his DNA.

This week, Hambrick was sentenced for his crimes by Fulton County Superior Court  Judge T. Jackson Beckford. Judge Beckford sentenced Hambrick to 50 years on each of the s*xu@lly-related charges against him. Hambrick was given an additional 20 years for first-degree cruelty to a child.


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