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victoryBy Rev. Stephen M. McCrary

In each human being there is a seed of greatness. Now, how great we can become depends on who waters the ground of your soul. It is quite possible your name may never appear in Essence, or Ebony. Perhaps you will never get summoned to the White House. This does NOT devoid you of greatness. It is survival that makes you great. Maybe you survived the cold winds of a love leaving or a job being taken. In this, you are great. You were tough enough to take a licking but you kept on ticking. You were strong enough to stand in the day of adversity but weak enough to have a tear in the corner of your eye while continuing to stand. You were strong enough to help someone pack who determined they did not love you anymore but weak enough to watch them drive off  while you stood silently saying goodbye. These, my friends, are the perils of life.

In all things remember: WE ARE BLESSED. Maybe you don’t have everything you want but you have SOMETHING. Always be grateful and do not allow the venom of complaining to vex the soil of your mind. Do you not know that someone buried  their own child this morning? Someone else got the news that a cancer is malignant in their body and is now in the process of calling family. If you have been blessed with a healthy body, healthy mind, and a healthy spirit BE THANKFUL! If you look at the words forWARd and backWARd  what do you see? Yes! The word WAR. By all means if we are going to WAR anyway, lets WAR to move forward! Keep on moving, driving and being relentless. Seize every breath as though heaven is blowing into your nostrils. This is YOUR LIFE!! WAR forWARd!!

Rev. Stephen M. McCrary is a minister at The Abundance of Grace Ministries

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