Four Questions We Have for Juanita Bynum after Her Arrest

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As was previously reported, Prophetess Juanita Bynum was arrested this week.  She doesn’t appear to be a hardcore criminal, but apparently hasn’t paid up on a judgement she lost a few years ago.  The judgement goes back to a 2007 lawsuit filed by ALW Entertainment, a company that says that Bynum agreed to be in a play, took the money, and never showed up to do the job.  According to Bynum’s attorney, she’s getting the matter settled as we speak.

“She has disclosed the whereabouts of her assets and her business dealings,” entertainment attorney David Small said.

We hope that things work out for Juanita.  But the Black Blue Dog team thought about it and during a conversation we had over the matter in a team meeting, came up with a few questions we’d like to ask Juanita.  These are not meant to be disrespectful, but inquiring minds want to know.  Here it goes:

1) What is a prophetess and how did you become one?  Bynum has the title of prophetess, which is defined by many as someone who speaks directly to God and can hear what he says.  It also sounds like someone who can see prophecy or things that are going to happen in the future.  We honestly wonder if Bynum could see this arrest coming, but also wonder exactly what the requirements are for becoming a prophetess.  Do you just call yourself one?  Is there a certification test?  We’re curious.

2) Are you going to come out and tell your side of the story?  Bynum might want to get into the media and restore her image after this one.  It doesn’t look good when a pastor is arrested.  Maybe she owes her followers an explanation.

3) The way they are telling the story right now, they are making you look like a criminal.  This can’t be you, can it?  The idea of someone taking money and then not doing a job, while simultaneously refusing to give the money back comes off as a wee bit, shall we say, trifling?  This sounds like the old, pre-church Juanita Bynum, not the one who preaches to millions of people around the world about how to get their life right with Jesus.

4) Why didn’t you pay the judgement or work with their attorneys? Is Juanita having financial problems?  Of course, this is nothing to be ashamed of, but her attorney claims that she had the money all along.  We’re just wondering if Juanita had planned to run from this lawsuit for the rest of her life like a man dodging child support, or if she was in the process of making things right.

We had to ask these hard questions, because even Juanita admits that she wasn’t always the most ethical person in the world.  In fact, during an interview in Atlanta where Bynum was confessing to her life before the pulpit, she said,  “I’ve been there and I’ve done it all. I did the drugs, I’ve been with men, I’ve been with women. All of it.”

We’re just wondering how much of the old Juanita is still there, and we know that some of us can sometimes relapse.  Good luck Juanita, we’re rooting for you.


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