The Nation of Islam has petitioned Attorney General Eric Holder to release Malcolm X files that will provide evidence behind how he was murdered.

Nation of Islam Petitions Pres. Obama and AG Eric Holder to Release Malcolm X Files

The Nation of Islam has petitioned Attorney General Eric Holder to release Malcolm X files that will provide evidence behind how he was murdered.

The Nation of Islam petitioned President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this year to make available to the public all government files (unredacted) related to the assassination of Malcolm X. The petition came following the release of the film titled “Betty and Coretta,” in which the film heavily alluded to Min. Louis Farrakhan being the mastermind behind the tragic 1965 assassination of Malcolm X.  The film is executive produced by Mary J. Blige — who happens to be a dear friend of Min. Farrakhan — and examines the lives of Malcolm X’s wife, Betty Shabazz and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife, Coretta Scott King.

The petition reads: “The mass media have tried to implicate Minister Farrakhan in the assassination of Malcolm X, falsely and maliciously reporting that he was directly involved in the murder of the slain black leader.” Rumors immediately sparked about Mary J. Blige and Min. Farrakhan having “beef” following the release of the film; however, Min. Farrakhan cleared the air and let everyone know that he and Mary J. Blige are fine. “Mary J. Blige is my friend! And nothing that’s in this movie has diminished my love and respect for her.” He also addressed persons who believe he played a major role in assassinating Malcolm X. “I am not guilty of killing Malcolm X,” he told the Final Call. “If I were, I would have been brought into a court of law and sent to prison.” The Nation of Islam believes the government conspired to have Malcolm X assassinated and should face the public with their involvement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s illegal and unconstitutional Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) interfered with and disrupted the lawful rights of nearly every Black organization and its leadership, and the U.S. government has never denied its role in the murder of Black leaders,” the petition reads. The NOI’s call to have the government reveal documents surrounding Malcolm’s death is revered as one of many steps made to a make sure that it is crystal clear that Min. Farrakhan did not have anything to do with Malcolm’s murder. You can support the petition by clicking here:

Will you join the NOI in requesting documents pertaining to Malcolm X’s  assassination be released?

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