3 Year Old Beaten by Mother’s Live-in Boyfriend Dies

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A 3 year old Tennessee toddler was reportedly beaten to death by his mother’s live-in boyfriend, according to police.

Investigators say Tony McKinney brutally beat the girl while the child’s mother was at work. McKinney, 26, reportedly told tony mckinneyinvestigators he “spanked her good.”

After the beating, McKinney put the 3 year old’s unconscious body in the car and took her to her mother. From there, he dropped off the mother and daughter at Delta Medical Center.

At the hospital, doctors diagnosed the toddler with a lacerated kidney and liver, a ruptured bladder, and bleeding on her brain, which only worsened over time.

Police later arrested McKinney at an apartment complex.

“No child should ever experience what my baby experienced,” said Ciriyah’s mother, Cassie West, who lost her job because of time she’d taken from work to spend with her child at the hospital.

“I used to love to hear her say, my name is Ciriyah, nice to meet you,” said Bettie Woodall, the child’s grandmother.

For two weeks, the family stayed by the child’s bedside, hoping she’d make a full recovery.

“To watch your baby lay in the bed and gasp for her last breath until she couldn’t gasp anymore, that’s the most hurtful thing,” said Woodall.

West is expecting a baby by McKinney, Ciriyah’s k!ller, in January.

“I’m not going to take my feelings toward him out on this baby. I’m going to love this baby just the same as I loved Ciriyah. I’m going to teach this baby everything that I taught Ciriyah, ” West said.

The family met on Saturday to make funeral arrangements for the toddler.


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