So Sad: High School Football Player Breaks His Neck and Dies on the Field

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Tragedy struck a suburban highschool outside Atlanta this week. A football player died after making a tackle during a scrimmage game. CNN is reporting that Deantre Turman is now deceased, to the shock and dismay of his coaches and teammates.
Mike Alsip, a forensic investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, says that the boy broke his neck. The incident occurred in College Park, a suburb of the city.
Coach Glen Ford said that the player, known as “Tre Tre,” went limp after the play, immediately letting them know that he was seriously injured. His coaches tried to revive him on the field, to no avail, with the boy having to wait 15 minutes for an ambulance.
Turman was announced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the accident. He was just 16 years old.
“People knew Tre Tre. They knew and loved him,” Ford said.

Deaths on the football field are exceedingly rare, but possible.  With football season coming up, hundreds of thousands of African American boys are being drawn to the football field to show off their athletic skills.  Parents do have the option of choosing less violent and non-traditional sports, such as tennis or golf.  Be careful with your sons.

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