Whoa: Judge Joe Brown Videotaped Cursing, Flirting, and Embarrassing Himself (Video)

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wepoewpoewpoBY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Do you remember Judge Joe Brown ?  His courtroom-based reality show was on the air for 15 years and rated the second highest rated court television show only behind “Judge Judy”.  His show stood on the platform of “Promoting Manhood and Protecting Womanhood”. I used to cringe, as Judge Joe Brown would rip into young men brought to court by their exes demanding money.  The show was cancelled last March and it looks like Joe Brown is singing a different tune.

The former reality television star of the TV show, “Judge Joe Brown,” was seen out and about in California and videotaped for more than 5 minutes of must-see footage.  The former Shelby, Tennessee, Criminal Court judge and arbitrator was obviously drunk and flirting with two young women.

Slurring his words, the protector of womanhood, said, “Oooh sh*t !!!  I have been tellin’ my boys to bring somebody home like this for a daughter-in-law, I would feel go**amn good !!”  Hugging up on the young women Brown lamented, “And look I need a Granddaughter like you !!”

One of the young brothers filming joked, “Guess what judge, I’m not guilty,” Brown immediately shoots back, “F**k that sh*t, I quit – I don’t do that bullsh*t anymore … I am about makin’ alot of money behind entertainment.”

The Joe Brown that used to call out the young black men as lazy, shiftless, hoodlums and thugs was chuckling it up with the young brothers who remarked amongst themselves, ” That’s an OG right there, that’s a real OG right there.”  It was almost like watching Twilight Zone and the footage is from an alternate dimension.

One young man asks, “If I ever need a judge can I give you a holler?”

Brown answered, “I am not playin a judge I’m playin this fu**in’ Lordship, My Lord …. pheasants come forward ..”

Those shots Joe Brown drank had him in full player mode as he tries to school the youngsters about women.

“Pretty women are insecure … like this one and that one … ” and feels like they are easier to deal with.  Proudly whips out his phone to show a picture of his beautiful 50 year-old Puerto Rican wife and proclaims “I don’t deal with ugly women.”

The hilarious disappointing footage can be seen below.


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  1. this man is a huMAN being not GOD…looks as though he's in grief over the loss of his show & feeling a little out of sorts..trying to get re- aligned is all. Bless you Mr. Joe♥

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