Ohio Parents Outraged that 80% of Suspended Students are Black: Candidates Asked to Explain

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rjnRacial Justice NOW (RJN), a community activist organization dedicated to fighting institutional and systemic racism, is hosting a forum on October 2, 2013 entitled, “Candidates Forum on the School to Prison Pipeline.”

RJN is conducting the forum as part of Dignity in School’s “National Week of Action on School Push-Out” campaign which is being held from September 28 through October 5th.

School Board Candidates who participate in the forum will be asked their position on the growing use of zero-tolerance discipline (expulsions and suspensions), school-based arrests, disciplinary alternative schools, high-stakes testing, and secured detention.  RJN feels that these practices marginalize at-risk youth and deny them access to education.  The candidates will also be asked about their position on Senate Bill 167 which will do away with zero tolerance policies in the state of Ohio.

As it stands now, the graduation rate for students who attend Dayton Ohio Public Schools is at 69.9%.  National data shows that out of school suspensions greatly affect graduation rates.  In 2011, Dayton Public Schools had over 6700 out of school suspensions—80% of those suspended were Black students.

RJN state, “The school-to-prison pipeline refers to the national trend of criminalizing, rather than educating our children.  The school-to-prison pipeline is one of the most important civil rights challenges facing our nation today.”

School Board Candidates
10/2/2013 (Wednesday )
6-7:30 pm
Dakota Center 33 Barnett Street Dayton OH 45402

Mayor/Commission Candidates
10/3/2013 (Thursday)
6-7:30 pm
Wesley Community Center 3730 Delphos Ave. Dayton OH 45417

Racial Justice Now (RJN) is a community activist organization dedicated to
fighting institutional and systemic racism. By focusing on human rights, RJN
seeks to empower other grassroots activists to challenge systemic racism by
organizing and holding people in power accountable.

For More Information Contact Ms. Maria Holt, info@racialjusticenow.org

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