Teen Arrested In Connection With Murdering His 71-Year-Old Great-Grandmother

What's Going On

Jacqueline Bell

By: Britt L

A young troubled Missouri boy and his cousin were arrested in the connection to the mμrder of their 71-year-old grandmother who was found deαd in her Portland-area home Saturday morning.

Like any other typical grandmother, Jacqueline Bell, 71, was always around to open her heart and arms up to those in need — In particular, her adolescent 17-year-old grandson, Jodah Cain.

Originally from Missouri, Cain’s mother and Jaqueline’s granddaughter, Brandi Bell-Gibson, moved Cain to Jacqueline’s home in hopes of keeping her teen son out of trouble.

Now the young boy has been accused of using blμnt forced traμma to kιll his innocent grandmother who was said to have “spoiled” Cain rotten.

“I lost my legs…I just fell,” said Bell-Gibson to the Oregonian. “I’m thinking this is a nightmare, and I’m going to wake up. It’s horrible.”

After participating in a high speed chase Saturday with Oregon state troopers, Cain and his 19-year-old cousin, Micus Ward, were arrested when police discovered the car involved in the chase was registered to Jacqueline.

Authorities have obtained evidence that has led them to believe that Cain and Ward murdered Bell then stole her car to flee back to Kansas City, Missouri, according to KSHB.

Cain’s mother believes Ward may have been a bad influence on her incorrigible son.

Police have not yet determined why the boys allegedly killed Jacquline, but Washington County sheriff’s spokesman, Sgt. Bob Ray says police had already linked the two men to Jacquline’s deαth “without the traffic stop involved.”

According to KGW, a friend who attended high school with Cain said the boy had over friends Oct. 4 and was planning a party to take place at Jacquline’s home on Saturday. Cain also planned an extended trip out of town followed by the party.

When someone asked whether or not Jacquline would be bothered by the noise of the party, Cain allegedly replied “Don’t worry, I’ll hιt her. I’ll knock her out,” said one of Cain’s friends to KGW.

At Sunset High School in Portland, classmates of Cain were shocked to hear the popular “nice guy and never mean” student was accused of murdering his grandmother.

Cain was taken into custody by Washington County Juvenile Services, while Ward was held in Union County Jail for the high-speed chase.

On Tuesday, Ward was also charged with homιcide, according to KPTV.

No mμrder charges have been pressed against Cain.

Members of Cain’s family believe the young man had nothing to do with the mμrder, but the devastation in the family is still evident.

“I know I’m not going to stand by my son, if he murdered my grandmother,” exclaimed Bell-Gibson to the Oregonian.

“She didn’t deserve to dιe like that.”

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