Trey Coleman: America’s Increasing Dissatisfaction – Is Obama To Blame?

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ewopweopewopby Trey Coleman

It is safe to say that the majority of the people in the country are dissatisfied and with the rise of social media that dissatisfaction can be express and heard all over the world, in a matter of seconds. The so-called leaders, politicians and the controlled media today have to be responsible with their interpretation of the facts because the internet is so readily available one can easily verify what they are saying and hold them accountable.

With the world economy being unstable, most people are living paycheck to paycheck, and in their eyes the rich is getting richer while the poor and disenfranchised are to blame for society’s Ills. It has been argued by some, that the economy was so bad and that its citizens had such a disdain with the government causing them to elect its first Black President. His message was about Change and Hope for a better tomorrow. The People were looking for someone that was not status quo and to them he represented that hope for tomorrow. His speeches were so captivating in that first election he made everyone believe in his vision for the country.

After obtaining the White House, it is evident that the Candidate Obama was more inspiring than President Obama. The country is dissatisfied with the political establishment and President Obama proved has proved to be part of the status quo, which was a contradiction to his campaign message. Although President Obama was re-elected, voters rejected the vision, and had Romney done the grass root work rather than depending on exit polls he would have won the election. Romney had a clearer vision for the future according to exit polls; voters voted 55% to 43% when the question was presented.

Today, people still want change, and it is clear the election of President Obama was not what the country needed, at the same time to some he is that stepping stone for what’s to come. To some to admit this is blasphemy, but blacks are falling out of love with President Obama. It is the same old song, the only difference is he looks like them. People were expecting the President to deliver on his campaign promise of Hope and Change, but the economy and high unemployment have destroyed that optimism.

The country is not only dissatisfied with the President, in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with politicians and the political system entirely. The public’s dissatisfaction with politician’s lack of leadership has reached an all time high, particularly since some politicians decided to shut down the government, and caused over 800,000 federal workers to be furloughed.

While the President, congressional leaders, and Senators continue the finger pointing the American people continues to suffer from lack of leadership in Washington. We need a change in the political system many polls show that roughly 80 percent of Americans believe their Congressional representatives to be more interested in serving the needs of special interests groups than “the people they represent.

My name is Trey Coleman. I’m blogging to give some insight on politics, music, and entertainment. I’m a Republican, and I believe in capitalism. Contact me on my website or follow me on twitter at @Treyce43 (Treys Truth).







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