Emani Moss Starved to Death by Her Father and Stepmother

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Eman and Tiffany Moss

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a little girl was starved to death and set on fire by two unlikely suspects: her parents.   Her charred body was found in a trash can on Saturday morning. Police detectives testified during a probable cause hearing for the parents. Eman and Tiffany Moss who are both 30 are being charged with stabbing their daughter Emani. After the child was dead she was then burned and thrown in the trash can.  Detective Colin Flynn said the couple showed no emotion when the detective told the story of their daughter’s death at their trial.

Flynn said that Eman Moss’s story changed several times during the interrogation. At first he told the detective that the little girl digested chemicals that led to her death. It seems like in an attempt to save himself, Moss then said his wife killed their daughter by poisoning her. Eman went on to claim that his daughter and wife had a “rocky” relationship. He didn’t go into the details of Tiffany and Emani’s relationship. Records show that Emani’s mother Tiffany was currently on probation for beating her daughter with a belt in 2010.

At one point during the interrogation, Eman changed focus and decided to tell the truth.  He finally admitted to the detective that he came home to find Emani’s 32 pound body in the tub. It is suspected the child died from severe starvation.   He said the child was “seized up” in the bath tub and she seemed “unable to move her body.” The detective told these details during the parent’s probable cause hearing. Eman explained to Flynn that the two parents didn’t seek emergency aid because they were too afraid to go to prison. The father eventually broke down and said, “I’m guilty. I killed my baby.”

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