Historians Say that this Black Man Who Nearly Killed His Master was the Real Lone Ranger

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reporeopreopfdThe Lone Ranger, who has become a western icon, is surprisingly an African-American man named Bass Reeves. Many details of his real life were omitted out of the Lone Ranger story, the biggest detail being that he was in fact a black man. The basics of his life remained the same however. Reeves was a lawman who hunted bad guys while traveling with a Native American. He rode a white horse and had a silver trademark.

Hollywood is not the only place to have ignored  the true identity of the “Lone Ranger.” Apparently, historians also totally overlooked the fact that Reeves was a free black man. Reeves traveled to the west to get away from the racist ways of life found in the eastern and southern states in America.  Before Reeves was free, he was a personal servant to his slave master.  He eventually ran off and fought with the confederate army during the Civil War. Reeves took advantage of the disjointed state of the south during the war and ventured to obtain his freedom. According to historians, Reeves beat his slave keeper nearly to death before escaping.  Apparently, he only beat the slave owner after the owner lost a game of cards to him and began to attack him.  Reeves knew that since he had successfully defended himself, there was no way he would continue to live if he stayed in the area in which he harmed his owner.

Reeves eventually left to live in Indian Territory; that land is now considered Oklahoma. He lived peacefully beside the Seminole and Creek Nations of Native American Indians.  After the Civil war was over “The Lone Ranger” married and had ten children. He became the first African-American to ever hold the position of a U.S. Marshall.

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