Huffington Post Reports on Woman Who Claims Obama Slept with Men to Get Cocaine

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orpeoprepodpeMost people know that President Barack Obama used cocaine, he admitted it himself.  But what people aren’t hearing in mainstream media are the allegations in conservative circles that the president once slept with men as well.  A woman claiming to be President Obama’s classmate in Hawaii told Bishop David Manning that she believes that Obama was active in the gay community and had a serious problem with drugs.

She says that the way the president presents himself to the public is far from the truth.

“He always portrayed himself as a foreign student,” Pope said. “Girls were never anything that he ever was interested in … He would get with these older white gay men, and this is how we just pretty much had the impression that that’s how he was procuring his cocaine.”

She goes on to say, “In other words, he was having sex with these older white guys and that’s how he was getting this cocaine to be able to freebase.”

This isn’t the first time that the president has been accused of being gay.  Tea Party author Jerome Corsi also says that Obama was once well-connected in the bathhouse scene in Chicago.   The president has been very active on the gay agenda since becoming president, leading Newsweek to declare him to be America’s first gay president.

Is it possible that these rumors are true, or are people simply telling lies to attack the president?  If it were true, would black people believe them to be possible?


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  1. I fully agree, who cares, frankly I don't give a damn who or what he slept with in his pass. For all I care, he could have slept with Halle Barry, Godzilla, an alien, a horse, a mosquito or Feliz the cat; if he did, it gives him a unique perspective on the topic and I trust both he and …enjoyed it. Nonetheless, he is the president of the United States and that's the role that should warrant our attention.

  2. it's so stupid, nowadays they public is not aware of the seriousness of the world we live in!

  3. LMAO he’s a pole smoker obviously to much Gay attention in his first term and now THE BEAN donor ass raping a 15 year old in Oregon

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