White Supremacist Who Killed 8 People is Put to Death

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eepdopepeA white supremacist who killed eight people will no longer kill again.  Joseph P. Franklin committed eight murders between 1977 and 1980.  He also confessed to being the man who sniped Hustle Magazine founder Larry Flynt, along with civil rights activist Vernon E. Jordan Jr.

Franklin was executed this week, serving out the death sentence given to him a long time ago.   He was killed in the state of Missouri, and the only interesting question to ask is why it takes 33 years for a person to be put to death.

Franklin’s death came by lethal injection.  The original executions had been delayed due to last minute stays.  The stays were related to the new protocol in the state on how the drugs were to be administered.   There were also questions about Franklin’s mental competency.   The man was injected at 6:07 am and died a few minutes after that, according to the state.

The 63-year old Franklin didn’t just kill eight people, he was considered a suspect in over a dozen other murders.   He received his death sentence in 1997 for the murder of Gerald Gordon, who he killed with a long rifle 20 years earlier in St. Louis.   He was given the death penalty after he confessed to the crime in prison.   At the time, Franklin was already serving four life sentences at the time.

Franklin told prosecutors that he wanted to kill Jews, so he chose the synagogue randomly.  Strangely, the man he killed was a guest at a bar mitzvah, but wasn’t actually Jewish.


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