Wilmington, NC Cop Throws Police Dog In Suspect’s Lap

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police dogby Greg B.

Wilmington Police Officer Stafford Brister was cleared of any wrongdoing related to him lifting his police dog and forcing it through the driver’s side window right into the driver’s lap. As WECT in Wilmington reported, Brister along with other officers chased Johnnie Williams; after he drove through a DWI checkpoint.

The chase that was caught on video shows Williams running stop signs and driving erratically on the streets. At one point Williams even decides to ram the police car in an attempt to get away.

After this ended the police sought to detain Williams and with that, officer Brister a K-9 officer tossed his police dog into the seat with Williams. Brister’s fellow officers also broke his windows out, and attempted to stop the vehicle; as seen on the video.

As a result Williams sustained face lacerations and was obviously traumatized from the event. Williams said the attack happened very quickly, and he did not have the chance to surrender. Williams face and shoulder required stitches.

District Attorney Ben David said he wanted to put this case in front of the jury to decide if Brister should be charged with assault inflicting serious injury.

The grand jury saw the video and was given an idea of what the laws are pertaining to law enforcement and the use of police dogs. They found that Brister should not face criminal charges as result of his actions.

However Williams himself faces multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, being a habitual felon and traffic violations.

Brister is still being investigated by an internal affairs panel and is currently on leave.

This speaks to the issue of police brutality, and the use of dash cam videos bring these issues to the public. Even if the act was deemed legal, civilly I question the legality here.


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