Jahi McMath’s Friends Pray That She Receives A Miracle

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jahi mcmath

Friends of Jahi McMath are praying for her to wake up and come back to school. Jahi McMath is the young lady that had an operation to have her tonsils removed, but her heart stopped during the surgery and she was left brain dead. Currently, she is on life support.

Her classmates at EC Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in East Oakland, California say she is still alive and praying will bring her back. Jahi McMath has been brain dead since December 2013, but her family does not want to take her off life support. She has been moved to a Catholic facility. Her mother, Nailah Winkfield, does not accept the medical determination and that is the reason for keeping her on the breathing machines.

The Daily News also reports that about 250 students wore purple and gold shirts to show support for their friend. The shirts read “Keep Calm, Pray On.”

Jahi McMath had surgery Dec. 9 to remove tonsils, adenoids and her uvula at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. She went into cardiac arrest and suffered extensive brain hemorrhaging. Three neurologists have confirmed she has no blood flow to the brain and no sign of electrical activity.  Christopher Dolan, the family attorney told the San Jose Mercury News the body has deteriorated over the time since she was announced as brain dead. There have been some cases of people being kept on life support for months. Once brain activity is no more recovery is impossible, which raises the question of bio-ethics by keeping her alive. Brain cells die without blood flow and will eventually liquefy.

The courts have ruled that Jahi McMath is dead and they will issue a death certificate. Her location is undisclosed because of death threats.

Her friend Dymond Allen said “I don’t think she passed away,” and “I just hope my friend gets better and comes back to school.”


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