Whites Believe Blacks Are More Racist Than They Are

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Whites Believe Blacks Are More Racist Than They AreBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Let’s face it – racism hasn’t gone anywhere. Even with the United States of America having an African-American President (Barack Obama), it’s quite apparent to anyone who listens to news reporters and radio outlets, that there is some form of racism whether blatant or hidden.

In a report released last Wednesday, it was reported that Americans see blacks as being more racist than whites or Hispanics. The survey was part of the Rasmussen Report.

This is definitely a shocking report to many folks because not too many people would conclude that Blacks are the most racist. With civil rights organizations on the forefront for the rights of people of color, this new study paints a very disturbing picture of African-Americans.

A national telephone survey concluded that 37 percent of U.S. adults viewed blacks as racist compared to 15 percent for whites, and 18 percent for Hispanics. The report also stated, ‘about 49 percent of conservative Americans consider blacks the most racist ethnic group, while 12 percent regard whites the most racist. And about 27 percent of liberal Americans saw whites as the most racist, and 21 percent, blacks.’

When it came to one’s political ideology, the report showed that ’49 percent of Republicans say that blacks are the most racist, and 29 percent of Democrats agree.’

This study goes to show that people of color (African-Americans) have a long way to go as a group. No longer can they continue to point the finger at others when it is through this study, that the finger needs to be pointed at themselves. The numbers tell the story. African-Americans can’t hide from it. They need to address it and find a means to correct it.

To see the questions that were asked, click here.

Source: The Washington Times

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, activist, author of (5) books, business consultant, life coach, and liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life. He is a committed advocate for change. Email: drgrey@sinclairgrey.org. Follow him on Twitter @drsinclairgrey. Visit his website: www.sinclairgrey.org

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