Author writes a 100-year economic restoration plan for black America

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In today’s society, many African Americans agree that their community is in trouble. Poverty, crime, and incarceration are at an all-time high. At some point we have to ask ourselves, “How did it get this way?”

Rossi Eason, founder of the Restore Black America Foundation, Inc., has written a book entitled “Restore Black America: A 6 Step Action Plan To Restore The Black Community Economically, Politically, Socially, And Spiritually Over The Next 100 Years” which not only outlines many of the reasons why the African American community may be suffering but also provides actual solutions to these very serious problems.
Rossi Eason explains…

“Restore Black America is more than just a book and it’s more than just a foundation. It is an invigorating call to Black America on what it really takes to build a strong sense of community as well as true economic and political power. This book contains several nuggets of wisdom that will intrigue and captivate the minds of an older generation while remaining simplistic and exciting enough for a younger generation to understand and enjoy.

“Restore Black America explicitly defines a 6 step action plan on how to achieve wealth, gain political power, rebuild the community, improve and maintain health, and tap into divine creative spiritual power. If this plan is strategically implemented over the next 100 years, our community’s restoration process should begin, seeing major results every 10 years.”

According to Rossi Eason, the idea for this book came about after a friend introduced him to a document called the “Willie Lynch letter.” This letter is the transcript of a speech given in 1712 in Virginia by Willie Lynch, a slave master and plantation owner, on how to create and control slaves.

“After reading this letter it became apparent to me why we as African Americans have so many issues within our culture. I’ve always known that slavery was the root of a lot of African American issues, but after reading this document and learning of all the “Willie Lynchisms,” the idea became solidified in my mind.

“Although slavery happened long ago, it is what shaped the fabric of African American culture. After reading the Willie Lynch letter, it became apparent exactly why and how it happened and how deeply rooted and diabolical these issues really are. My thinking after reading this is, if the plan is to destroy the African American people, what if we reverse engineered everything in this plan; could we reverse the effects?”
The Restore Black America book also contains a bonus interview with Professor Griff of the Legendary Hip Hop Group public enemy. Professor Griff, also known as the minister of information, has given many lectures and speeches on issues in the black community. His interview discusses what the Willie Lynch letter is and its effect on black people and outlines a new way of thinking for black America.
Restore Black America can be purchased on Amazon here

Author Bio: Rossi Eason is an entrepreneur, author, educator, poet, and all around philanthropist. He is the founder of the Restore Black America Foundation, which is an organization founded to implement a plan to Restore Black America over the next 100 years. This organization’s strategic focus is on building colleges for entrepreneurs in black communities.
Rossi has started several companies ranging from benefits management to marketing and practice management companies for doctors. He has also authored several books on the subject of business, marketing and the current economic and political standing of the black community.


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