Brooklyn activist’s vow after McDonald’s brawl: No more teen beatdowns in our neighborhood

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Supervision of rowdy teenagers shouldn’t be on the McDonald’s menu.

That was the message Sunday from a group of outraged community advocates in Flatbush, Brooklyn who pledged to do everything they could to prevent another brutal gang beatdown from occurring in the neighborhood.

“We are sick and tired of being in a position where our children are using a McDonald’s as a recreational facility,” activist Tony Herbert said.

He spoke in front of a McDonald’s on Flatbush Ave. where last week six teenage girls ruthlessly pummeled 15-year-old Ariana Taylor. Minutes passed before an adult attempted to stop the accused ringleader, Aniah Ferguson, 16, from stomping Taylor’s head into the fast food joint’s floor yet again. Taylor miraculously survived the assault without serious injuries.

Customers and workers at the McDonald’s near Erasmus Hall High School said it is a popular hangout for unsupervised teens. Cops have been called there at least 10 times since January 2013.

“What took place here is absurd, it’s a disrespect, it’s disgraceful and it’s an issue that has to be resolved,” Herbert said.

He said the One Family One Community initiative will identify funds for after-school programs, college scholarships and youth mentoring. He and his fellow advocates will lobby organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and black and Latino fraternities and sororities to chip in, as well.

“It’s an all-hands-on-deck circumstance right now — we’re in crisis right now — we need to save these kids’ lives,” he said.



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