SHUT UP AND SING! Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. needs to settle down and grow up

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Odell Beckham, Jr., one of the most supremely talented players the football Giants have ever had, a talented kid they need to be great this season as much as they do the guy throwing him the ball, needs to settle down. Like now. But so does everybody else who acts as if the way he’s been acting, and that means all the way back to last season, is some kind of capital crime against all things decent. Even if it is almost as easy to get under his skin as it is D. Trump’s.

Not only does Beckham need to settle down, he needs to grow up. Like now. He needs to stop acting as if the world might stop spinning on its axis if somebody covers him, or chirps at him, or gives him a little extra shove out of bounds. He has to stop acting as if he is already halfway to Canton because he can catch balls one-handed, apparently in his sleep.

Mostly Beckham has to stop overreacting every time things start to go sideways for him. It really does mean that he has to stop doing what everybody is doing with him, now that the whole thing has turned into the opera.



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