Too late America: Donald Trump will be on the ballot this November

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Regretful Republicans are calling on their party elite to replace their widely reviled candidate Donald Trump in light of an extremely sexist video that shows him telling a TV host that “you can do anything” to women as long as “you’re a star” – even “grab them by the p—y.”

The problem for those Republicans: it’s too late.

More than 34,000 registered Republicans have already voted, according to data from the U.S. Elections Project, and while there’s no way of knowing for sure it is safe to assume that a majority of those ballots were cast for Trump.

If the Republican Party were to oust him, what would happen to those votes? There’s no clear answer as there is no precedent, which is why — in all likelihood — Trump will be the GOP nominee this November whether the party likes it or not.

Beyond the fact that Republicans are already casting their ballots, there are very strict and specific rules governing a nominee replacement.

According to “Rule 9” in the GOP’s preamble, a nominee may only be replaced in the event of death or declination. If a candidate were to pass away, the vice presidential pick – in this case, Mike Pence – would step in to mantle the role of frontrunner.

The Republican Party began entertaining the idea of kicking Trump out against his will when his poll numbers began to plummet after he went after the gold star parents of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq.



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