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  1. I would like to write for you. Are you accepting submissions?

  2. My name is Deandra Carr , i am interested in information on the Ray Charles Culinary Program. Please contact me by email ( or 504 975 3045.

  3. Hello there. I’d like to express interest in writing for your organization. I am very interested in developing a relationship with you. Please let me know how I can truly connect with your organization.

    Much Appreciated,


  4. Brother Corness West is absolutely CORRECT about this weak, timid president that we have. And I am a black person and minister of the age of 77. But the thing that Brother West did not, and he and Brother Tavis have NOT, talked about is to point out, and say something about, are the Jews, and other whites, that are in complete control of President Obama, and really the ones that are in charge, and telling him everything that he says and does. And they need to be called out, and talked about. — Rev. George Brooks

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